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We don't care much about average-looking people.

It really comes down to your mannerisms and your body language.

Being called intimidating feels like a sneaky diss that somehow makes you swell with pride. Because being called intimidating is actually the greatest compliment you'll ever receive.

It means many things, but no matter the source, being an intimidating person implies the following: Why should you be?

There are few things more true in life than this: You become glued to what you hate, simply by hating it.

Hate and resentment are a cycle that don't end, but you know better.

Here are 10 guys on what they mean when they say a girl is "intimidating": All of this considered, the downside of guys finding you "intimidating" is that they often find it hard to muster up the courage to talk to you.

However, this is also them projecting their own first impressions onto you before they even get to know you. So, if a guy says he finds you "intimidating," tell him that he shouldn't be so afraid of getting to know you. And if you find yourself in a situation where you're intimidated by someone, I say break through that initial fear, and just go say hello.

But more often than not, you find yourself on the receiving end of a different kind of compliment: the old "you're so intimidating" line.

So I told her this; You have the looks which deter most men away from you and you can't change that, but what you can change is the way your face looks bitchy no matter what you are doing.

She said what do you mean this is my fave and I can't change the way I look, I said yes you can, your face is nothing but a blank identifying trait connected to your personality, I can be a total nice guy on Facebook and that might be my personality but if I'm a dick in real life then that does not add up and no matter how nice I am on the Internet then no one is going to want to be around me.

With a seating capacity of 150,000 people; the Rungrado May stadium in North Korea does an effective job in using its size to intimidate opponents.

Most of the time we are around non-attractive people, thus it is our “comfort zone”. Attractive people are rare, so when you bump into one, you feel like you got into foreign, hostile territory. And the fact those people are among unattractive majority in the moment (their own “comfort zone”) doesn't help either, as they look calm and collected, unlike you. It is even more valuable than that, due to the fact beauty has the expiration date.

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