Interracial dating among college students dating game font

This begins to show that cohabiting and interracial dating are similar in a way – they are considered ‘non normative’ behaviors.

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However, greater minority enrollment into universities, tolerance for diversity and individualism has actually helped change and improve the attitudes of college going students towards interracial dating.

Those who were significantly more likely to be open to interracial dating were Blacks, cohabitants and those who were previously in interracial relationships.

Much as the likes of musician Quincy Jones and professional basketball player Charles Barkley are in interracial marriages, about 5% of all marriages in the United States are interracial.

Symbolic interactionism and dramatugry were the theories used within this study.

This study found evidence that supports existing literature on attitudes of distrust among African-American females toward African-American males, with lying, physical aggression, and cheating as top reasons.

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