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The popularity of dating sites has been growing, and now online dating sites attract thousands of users, since a dating site is a place where people of different nationalities and cultures meet and communicate.

Maybe you know what kind of person you are looking for, but are unable to find him or her in your immediate neighbourhood. Meeting via a dating site will help you find the right single woman or single man, quickly and easily.

Here, on our site, you can easily find the kind of member, even if you are not in the country where this person lives. You can search between profiles and chat with single expats, and later you can meet him or her face-to-face, when you feel you are ready. We understand the problem that sometimes happens when, having achieved your goal, you look around and realise there’s no one with whom you can share your glory. With our international dating site, you’ll be able to find a member in the same situation, someone who understands what it means to work hard and what it means to take a well-deserved rest. You don’t need to go bumping into people on the streets.

Inter Friendship is a dating site launched in Germany in 1999.

The leading dating portals critic ranks Inter Friendship among top Germany dating sites.

We will be glad to help you to meet the man of your dream, to find your soulmate.

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Online dating is the safest way to find the right person for love and relationships.Our men’s catalogue gives you an opportunity to choose from thousands of German men seeking dating with nice women from Eastern Europe to create a family.Similarly to you, they have not met the right partner in their own country and decided to find their other half through our Germany dating site.Before spending the night with your perfect match, it’s always best to know exactly who it is that you’re in contact with.Over the last few years, many people engaged in sex early on in their relationship.

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