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If a TCS food is being served and the temperature is not being maintained, it needs to be labeled with the following: Cold foods must be sold or served within six hours.After six hours any leftover cold food product must be discarded.What this suggests is that because of a more specialized nature of the work, particularly as the Industrial Revolution moved forward and more detailed skills were required that entailed training or certain talents, the concept of the “career" emerged.s ambitions to create more effective ways for primes and SMEs to communicate and capitalise on Defence spending, its supply chain development services and how NSW can target the lucrative through-life support contracts of major projects.Think about all of the foods that could easily be mistaken for one another: salt could be used in place of sugar or baking powder in place of flour.Always make sure chemicals are labeled and kept in a closet, or in a separate area away from food.Fundamental changes in the nature of work as well as gender and work accompanied the Industrial Revolution.

Instead of being tied to the home because one was needed to assist with farm or family business tasks, young people were now more free to explore their own paths.

For one thing, the revolution changed the way families viewed themselves and new changes occurred in terms of both gender and generational roles.

Before the arrival of industry and the possibility for work outside the home and family, most people “may have had life plans, they did not have careers.

Industrialization and urbanization prompted a marked change in life and working styles.

Many people, especially the young, left the farms to work in factories; this process led to the dissolution of many extended families" (Finneran 1994: 46).

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