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However, consider an app supporting an older version of i OS the development team wishes to drop support for.If the team drop supports for the older version of i OS then the app update will no longer be automatically offered to users on that version of the operating system by the App Store until they update.Updates is a framework designed to help developers with this task by automatically detecting where a new version of an app is available from the App Store and presenting an optional pre-configured UI component to users gently nudging them to update.

You may forego a remote JSON configuration and simply configure Updates programmatically if you want as follows: component this property will automatically be respected.

Users electing to proceed are seamlessly presented the App Store in-app so that updating becomes effortless.

A framework which is able to handle much of this automatically is beneficial as development teams are usually, and rightly, more focussed on developing new functionality to deliver value to the user than on implementing functionality for updating users which might never need to be used.

Furthermore if the user’s visits the app’s page in the App Store they will only be able to see the latest update their device is eligible for.

It could be worthwhile letting users know that a new version of the app is available to them once they update a later version of i OS so that they don’t make the assumption that development of the app has ended.

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