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The “crazy chemistry” is just your unconscious recognizing the opportunity to have yet another go on the Crazy scary-go-round.Part of the healing process involve having an emotionally corrective experience, but you’re not going to get it with a woman who has the same or similar traits as the last abusive one. When you meet a woman you find physically attractive and smart and don’t feel an initial flush of excitement, give her a chance.If the best you can come up with is, “I’m just not feeling it” or “It’s not a good time for me” or “Work is busy” or “I don’t know—I’m just not interested;” dig a little deeper.If you can’t come up with concrete reasons, your lack of interest may very well be because she’s are afraid of intimacy and are self-sabotaging yourself by choosing abusive women. When you meet a woman you find attractive and who seems stable and kind, don’t reflexively push her away or come up with reasons why she’s not the right one for you.What childhood or adolescent relationship dynamic are you trying to recreate with Crazy?What old childhood wound, trauma or rejection are you trying to heal?

Most people have heard of “baby-proofing” a home to make it safe for newborns and toddlers.Knowing you’re attracted to Crazy isn’t enough to end your unhealthy relationship pattern. Insight only gets you into the “vestibule” of change. Do you believe it’s your job to cater to a woman’s every need? Do you believe it’s your job to make your partner happy? Do you believe it’s important to keep the peace at all costs?In order to break your unhealthy attractions and relationship patterns, you need to combine your new found insight with real life action, gain more self-awareness about your own relationship beliefs, fears and behaviors and start making different choices. Crazy-proofing is what every man or woman should do after ending a relationship with an abusive partner. If you answered “yes” to these questions, you probably have some thinking errors regarding what constitutes healthy adult relationships.Crazy-proofing involves taking proactive steps to break your pattern of abusive relationships, learning to recognize the warning signs of an abusive personality before you’re in too deep and making the conscious decision to walk away instead of becoming a moth to the flame of Crazy yet again. Identify and understand what attracts you to abusive women and what makes you an easy target. You may not even be aware of what your relationship beliefs are until you take the time to think about them. Taking abusive, crazy nonsense from this kind of individual, even once, is like being sprayed by a cat. When you let this type of woman set a precedent for bad behavior early on in a relationship, she will go if you dare assert your rights to be treated decently later on.Identify your faulty relationship beliefs or thinking errors and then replace them with healthy ones like, “I deserve to be treated with the same kindness and respect with which I treat my loved ones.” 2. They’re poison and you’re deluding yourself if you think this type of woman is capable of being a friend in the true sense of the word. If she gets away with it the first time, she’ll assume treating you like garbage is her god-given right. Tolerating one abusive act doesn’t make you a nice guy; it opens the floodgates for more and more abusive behaviors. Challenge your fears that allow you to tolerate abusive behaviors in women.

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