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By Thursday evening, our normal play time, I was a burned out shell of a man. I'll skip past half an hour of touchy feely crap, but I will mention that in terms of non-sexual intimacy it was a pretty powerful moment that served to bring us closer together. It's your night so you get what you want." Gina had an uncanny ability to shine at nearly anything. She poured a bunch of it out on my back and went to work. I can't tell you how much that helped my state of mind.Gina arrived at my door glowing with anticipation and eager to get to it, but I just didn't have it in me. Eventually she brought the conversation back to our original intent for the evening. She could be the cutest of cute, the raunchiest of raunchy, the coyest of coy -- you name it. Her slippery hands roamed my back, pressing the knots out and shooing the stress away."Get those big titties all lubed up and jack me off with them.I want to see my dick slide between your tits." "Yes, master!She knew many of my reasons for being so wrung out but I hadn't shared the loss of the family pet. I was a walk-on to the football team for a season (well, the practice squad anyway) until my knees gave out. I'm not supposed to cry when my dog gets put down, right? As I lay in her arms and she looked down at me with her deep brown eyes I felt positively covered in love. I was in heaven as she worked my back slow and gentle."Oh no, I need you here." I ran my fingers through the dangling threads of her soft brown hair. And she did a very nice job; she took her time and she was very thorough, rubbing my legs, calves, feet, arms, hands, etc.It will be a long time before I run out of stories about this girl.Gina was dark and sexy with a full body of luscious delights.

Gina got back down on top of me, straddling me across my thighs.

Big Jim quickly rose to the occasion, since every time she bent over to reach my upper chest she rubbed into him.

That and the view of her lovely, heavy tits dangling over me were quite enough to produce a rigid boner right quick.

"Then you need to come up with some orders, sir." "All right. I was actually enjoying it so much I started to drift away into glorious sleep. Had I been a few minutes further on I might not have noticed that she wasn't using her hands anymore.

I perked up when I recognized her heavy breasts sliding over my back.

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