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Pregnancy lengthening mod – this mod enables pregnant Sims to have longer pregnancies.This helps Sims to stay younger longer and have more time to get ready for the baby.The Sims 3 games are fun for people of all ages, however with the rating for ages 12 it makes some things that adults want to do not available.For instance, teenagers can’t get pregnant, you can’t just turn off the nude blur, and more.Make a folder for mods by going to your folder under My Documents Right click in an empty area of the folder and choose to create a new folder. Your game needs to know where to look for this customized content, so download the file. After all of the new files are setup, all you have to do is extract the package (or drag and drop the .package file) into the Package folder.Test the nudist mod by loading your game and seeing if the mosaic is blurred or not when a Sim is using the bathroom or taking a shower or a simulation game of real life and with that, sex (also called “Woo Hoo" in the game) and pregnancy frequently happens in The Sims 3 world. However, because of the age rating you only see them moving around under the covers and then confetti of hearts landing on the bed.Naked Sims 3 characters are not seen when having sex, unless you have custom content or mods downloaded from websites such as Mod The Sims or Pandora Sims.

The nudist mod for The Sims 3 is one of the most used and easy to install.In the game, when a Sim is taking a bath, a shower, or using the toilet, they are blurred for privacy reasons.However, not everybody likes the mosaic blurring effect that the Sims uses when performing these actions.There have been variations of it for all of The Sims games that have been released.This nude mod for The Sims 3 takes the mosaic blur effect away, so Sims can be viewed doing those actions without the blur.

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