Forefront exchange 2016 kaspersky not updating

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SCL Junk Email folder threshold – we specify when we dump the email to the users junk-mail folder.

The signature redistribution job is used to deploy antivirus signature updates to the FPE/FPSP servers in an environment.

The most efficient way to update engine signatures on all your servers is to create a redistribution job to download them to the FPSMC server.

First enable content filtering So above we delete emails with an SCL of 8 as they are obvious spam, we send a rejection to emails of an SCL of 7 ( I normally don’t enable this as it sends an NDR ) and we quarantine the emails at an SCL rating of 6, all other emails pass fine.

The Microsoft Forefront team is currently conducting a survey and would like to hear your opinions about email security, especially how you use email security solutions in your organization.

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