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A speculative icebreaker game, “If You Could” asks participants to consider options for actions, some fun, some serious, and some designed to let others know more about you. From vacation memories, through life’s vacations, jobs, and relationships, these “have you ever” questions are sure to challenge and stimulate your group of participants.

Our list works well when used as an introductory icebreaker and the questions work well for any size group. Have you ever…More of “Have you ever” questions online game may be found on this page: Have you ever…

You do not need to use all of these questions; choose the ones best for your group of employees.

The following questions are sure to get laughs and prepare your participants for other activities.What they consider the most important, best, least, oldest, worst, and newest tells a great deal about them.Use our superlative icebreaker questions to find out just how much!A good way to use these is to pass a question out to each participant and have them ask a person their question.The person whom they ask a question of must ask someone else their question.

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