Fat cyclist dating

And despite her all-American girl nextdoor looks, Batty is from Brooklin, Ontario.

That makes her the hottest Canadian female pro cyclist.

I’m not really sure what gave me the idea to do a list of the hottest female pro cyclists out there.

Maybe it’s just because hottest female anything always goes over well. Or maybe I saw a hot girl riding a bike on my way to work and the image planted a seed in my brain.

Fletcher has been modeling since she was 15, and she became a pro triathlete in 2010. She’s 33 years old, and she competes in both downhill and cross country pro mountain biking. FHM Australia named her one of the 100 sexiest women in the world every year from 2002-06.

And since she gets paid to ride a bike for 1/3 of a race, that makes her a pro cyclist. (I guess she started going downhill at age 28.) I don’t know if she is or ever was one of the 100 hottest women in the world—FHM Australia may be a little biased—but I’d still take her.

The dramatic policy is designed to clamp down on middle-class families who buy a second property as a nest egg for their retirement.

Mr Mc Donnell said he believed the idea would reverse problems caused by Mrs Thatcher's policy.

She is a professional athlete who has appeared in the illustrious pages of Maxim. Even more surprising than the fact that someone cut Liz Hatch’s wikipedia entry is the fact that I can’t find up-to-date info on this woman . So if you have any info—like what team this beauty currently rides for—please, I’m all ears.

bike racer, woman, lover, friend, wife, jaguar, crystal lover, mother to be, magic maker, 2 time Bronze medalist, fighter, healer, more..” Crystal lover? Currently, this 29-year-old Australian hottie is a member of the “Honda Dream Team.” Sounds like a pretentious name for a cycling team to me.

I say if your dream team doesn’t have Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan, it aint that special. I was a little hesitant to include Jenny Fletcher on this list. No, I was hesitant because on her website she describes her as a “model/triathlete.” Because it's like, “Which is it lady? ” But, despite my skepticism, it turns out she really is both.

Regardless, after doing a bit of “research,” the one thing I do know is this: I don’t watch nearly enough women’s pro cycling.

These women are insanely talented and (more importantly for our purposes here) insanely hot.

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