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This was necessary for the package to install correctly under the SYSTEM account.

4) Create a transform (MST) file for the Common\Bin\Win32\Client\i Gateway_40_win32package.

Run the Remote Installer and create a ICF files with the settings you need for your environment. Your license can be found at C:\Program Files\CA\Shared Components\Subscription License 4. There are a few things to check for (thanks to the prior posts for pointing me in the right direction): Under [Install Component]- Reboot=2 (Causes the OS to reboot after the installation completes) Show Save Setting Dialog=0 Ino Pop3=1 (If you use POP3 like we do) Under [License]- Host Server= Under [Post Action]- App1=50comupd /q:a App Dir1=.

The most important setting is the [Phone Home] section. Replace i Gateway_40_win32with the downloaded version. (The dots point the installer to the folder the msi is in) App2=1033_App Dir2=. App4= App Dir4= Now that the hard stuff is done, create a new GPO. Select the i Gateway msi and pick "Advanced" on the next window. Next add a new package for the e Trust_ITM msi and add the 1033file to the modifications tab.

Copy the install files off the CD to a network share.

If your language is other than English US, you must use the correct ####. The customizations in this file include: - Remove all start menu shortcuts/directories - Set property PRODUCT = ITM - Set property INO_ICFFILE = \inoc65) Create a transform (MST) file for the Common\Bin\Win32\Client\e Trust package.The customizations in this file include: - Customize start menu shortcuts (put in "Security" start menu folder) - Set property PRODUCT = ITM - Set property INO_ICFFILE = \inoc66) Create a GPO to push the packages out to my virtual machine (XP SP1).Version 7.1 worked fine rolling out with GPO but the new version seems to have taken a step backwards with regards to GPO install compatibility.With enough banging on the package and trial-and-error, we were able to get the client to actually successfully install.

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