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He took step as a photographer as he admires his father who was a war photographer. Since the business is not doing well, the company is in trouble. A type who doesnft like to think too much, but sometimes a little harsh when it comes to men.

Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji) Real name is Ichihara Kaoru. Due to the previous sales, hefd been appointed to be editor in chief, and currently is aiming to be an editor.

Instead, Eita enjoyed playing football (soccer) during his elementary and middle school days.I remember you from Orange Days as a best-friend character, but now that I watched you in Last Friends (Yeah, I know super late!!! On Wednesday night, he was found hanged in a room in his own home, in what appears to be a suicide.He was discovered by his older sister (57), who lives with him.As they go to a cafe for the meeting, Rinta (Tamayama Tetsuji), and Doctor (Jejung) are already waiting.However, Harufs eyes are trapped as she sees the man who is coming late.

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