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There are alterations being made from dress rehearsal until the live show.” Former DWTS pro and judge, Julianne Hough as said that the costumes fit so perfectly because the dancers are literally sewn into them before they go on stage!3 Fans of the show are always curious how DWTS recruits celebrities to come on the show, especially some of those more well known stars and pro-athletes.As it turns out many of the cast members are recruited for the show, but are constantly getting pitches from fans on celebrities they’d like to see on the show.Katz said the most common celebrity request is for Jennifer Aniston!We don’t script it or do anything in that sense, but we look for what’s really there.You have to train your mind to recognize the story.” In order to keep tabs on what’s happening each week, field producers report on what’s going on week-to-week so new ideas can be generated.This applies more to the women, but celebs can’t use their own make-up artists. But women have had this fear about [wanting] to have their own hair and makeup artists, but you can’t have that here.

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2 The costumes aren’t made until a few days before the show and usually aren’t finished until the final hour before the show begins!

DWTS judge Bruno Tonioli said, “We don’t score until the dance is over. Can you imagine we maybe give them a 10 and then plop?!

” will know flings and romances are a big part of the show and contribute heavily the shows ratings as viewers want to see when and where the sparks fly between pro dancers or pro dancers and the stars.

“With James and Peta…we saw paparazzi shots of them on a date and that was way before [the show even started], so as a story point, we wanted to follow that up.

It was a genuine moment then when he [found out that was his partner].

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