Dinozzo ziva dating

Did this mean that they going to reveal that adorable Tony had been working for the bad guys all along? All we ever wanted to see was Tony and Ziva finally getting back together!

Tony Di Nozzo (Michael Weatherly) tracked her down, but she told him she was staying there as she didn’t want to be an agent any more following the death of her father.Mc Gee (smiles): Guys, they were FBI agent: Trust me, I know when someone's acting when they're having sex.female FBI agent: It's true, I've met his wife. Mc Gee gets up and looks at the plasma which is showing Tony and Ziva laughing in their hotel room. Tony then had to go to Israel, when he found out he had a daughter with Ziva and that she had died in the explosion.Though the character is presumed dead in NCIS, her body was never found, so it is possible she will return in the upcoming episode, especially after the revelations of She.

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