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Then she’d go to the corresponding brother fraternity — they’d open the app and see all these cute girls they knew.’ To understand Wolfe’s marketing masterstroke, it’s important to remember that in 2012, phone dating apps were a novelty and dating sites were aimed at a middle-aged market. Having been a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority at her college, Southern Methodist University, Wolfe knew how to use the society system to market the app.

Most importantly, it meant she could get hundreds of young people on board at once, creating the large pool of potential dates that all dating apps need.

‘It cuts out the creepy guy situation,’ says one ambassador.This female-first gambit has been touted as a stroke of genius; although the core product is not so different from Tinder, Bumble has made the most of its unique angle.Sorority smarts Wolfe starting working for Hatch Labs, a startup incubator in LA, in 2012, before moving to the fledgling Tinder as vice president of marketing.‘With these marketing tactics, I always just try to find the happiness, joy and excitement in it,’ says Wolfe. You have to thoughtfully and psychologically put yourself in somebody else’s shoes and say, what would make me want to have this app on my phone?’ Bumble, which has a friend-finding feature too, seems to have thrived because it has created a confidence-boosting space for women.

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