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It would be great if modern dating would allow some time and patience to really build and feel those connections.I'm in the process of getting my sex therapist certification and trust me — sex is infinitely hotter and more pleasurable when you're intimately connected.” -Renee, 25“I dislike the lack of control.I find myself treating dating a little bit like a job, where it gets frustrating because you have no idea why someone is rejecting you and there's not much you can do about it.This year my New Year's resolution is to stay off dating apps and ask out at least one person a month — so far I asked out two guys in January and one in February.I'm sure some men may say this about women as well.” -Maria, 41“I really really wish men would get their head out of their asses and out of their phone and approach more women in public.

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It's like the way we date has become a necessary evil.

A few have said they are on the same page as me in the beginning but after four to six months, they seem to change their tune.

In my opinion, since there's so much ‘choice’ out there especially with online dating, men don't seem to put much emphasis on building a monogamous relationship.

I believe in the organic process, and truly find that moment upon first meeting that gives you the childish butterflies to be lost.” -Jonathan, 32“Let's be honest, apps like Tinder put an emphasis on looks versus real qualities like personality.

‘Swiping right’ on a potential match is most likely done because we like what we see.

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