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This again makes the "experts" look foolish or at the very least the production company is making the show look ridiculous.

I worked in a position that I had to be security cleared and my fingerprints were run through the system. It is not rocket science that if proper background checks were being run this should have been front and center.

To me, the occasional jibe at my mispronunciations hurt, but the next day was forgotten.

But to my father, the insults were magnified by the fact that he could not provide for us simply because the eloquent English he spoke was difficult for some to understand.

Despite working 4 years at a job he was grossly overqualified for, he was laid off during the recession.

And yet he continues to work without complaint, without lashing out or giving up.

But I spoke nevertheless and as my father went through job after job I went through book after book, reading out loud in class and quickly climbing to the top of ESL.

And as I realized that teachers are rather impressed by a second-grade girl with a 10 letter last name that can spell ‘indigenous’, my father realized the letters ‘DR’ before your name don’t mean much if you have a West African accent.

Accepting all that, that whole journey was something I spoke a lot about.And I refuse to let myself give up because he never has.His struggle has made me all too aware of how unfair the world can be. I love all the languages I speak – my French culture and my West African culture, all parts of it. You feel like you don’t have a lot of opportunities that people with higher incomes have. One thing I really liked to talk about was the journey of not really accepting my community as an African American to someone who embraces my African culture and where I come from.

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