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925-1000 Guide to World Hallmarks: This page includes photos of typical hallmarks used in various countries. In addition, their overview page has links to various international hallmark pages, including Austrian, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and more.View it here at: 925-1000Overview Page Modern Silver Magazine: This site has a helpful article written by Christie Romero in 1998 with information about French and European hallmarks, as well as hallmarks from other countries.Just make sure you are using the chart for the town where your piece was made. Just search for “British Hallmarks” on either your computer or phone app.925-1000 British Hallmarks: This page explains the hallmarks with photos of the most common marks.For American silver marks visit this page: American Silver Marks on To look up a maker’s mark, use the Alphabetical Listing by Maker’s Name by clicking a letter.

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In addition, the jewelry will often be stamped “MEXICO” or “HECHO EN MEXICO” (MADE IN MEXICO). Pieces from the Taxco region are often stamped “TAXCO” or sometimes simply with the letter “T” at the beginning of the signature.See it here: Antique Silver Town and Date Marks Scandinavian silver jewelry marks vary with the country.Swedish silver marks are similar to British silver marks, as they also have Town Marks and Dateletter Marks.Silver jewelry marks can also include the region or town where the piece was made and/or dateletters to indicate the year when the piece was made.American silver jewelry marks are fairly simple, usually including a purity mark, and sometimes a maker’s mark.

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