Dating someone with no friends

Emotionally, I'm not really giving it my all in the relationship so it doesn't hurt when she breaks up with me. I was insecure at first (especially because we were originally long distance) but now 3 years in, it barely crosses my mind because he's never done anything to make me doubt him - he shuts any passes from other women down immediately.About a month ago he was playing a show with his band at a bar, and I was standing next to some girls who were going on and on about how attractive he was and how they were hoping to talk to him after the show.

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Honestly, if I got bent out of shape over every woman who expressed interest in him, I would never stop being mad. But I'm not with him for his looks, and he's not with me for mine, and we both know that, so I just don't get too upset over it. But if you ask him, he'll tell you I'm drop dead gorgeous and that he thinks I'm the more attractive one. It bothered me a little at the beginning when we were just going on dates and girls at work were constantly telling me how hot he was and girls in public were checking him out.

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