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However, before you jump into a relationship with e Harmony and the commitment that comes with it, you need to do your due diligence and make sure it's what you're looking for.

For starters, here are ten things you should absolutely know about e Harmony before you sign up.

If you catch her inside, she is likely reading poetry, painting, or eating loads of dark chocolate.

When it comes to online dating success, it's hard to argue with 438 marriages daily.

If there is one message you'll hear again and again in e Harmony's commercials and online ads, it's that their method for matching compatible people is "scientifically proven" to increase potential for dating and marriage.

The founders of e Harmony say they've created a formula that identifies members' best possible matches based on what they've dubbed the "29 Dimensions of Compatibility," which are a host of attributes from emotional temperament to physicality to values and beliefs.

One of the standout features of e Harmony then is the requirement for members to verify their identities.Based on this magical formula, e Harmony claims: "[It] matches singles based on a deeper level of compatibility, not likes and dislikes, but true compatibility.Do you and your potential mate resolve conflict in a similar fashion? " Keep in mind that everything about this formula, and the way that e Harmony is set up, is designed to help people find that one person that they could spend the rest of their life with.You never want to have to take a problem to customer service.This is especially true about most online dating services, where customer service ranges from non-existent to downright hostile. In our survey of all the billing related concerns that were filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the last year against e Harmony, their customer service team showed uncommon care and patience with customer billing concerns, even when the problem was due to the member's negligence.

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