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MSN then sends certain discounts and offers to the subscribers depending on the category they have chosen. Similar to previous attacks related to ' Bogus CNN Custom Alerts', these emails contain links to a legitimate news page, but are designed to encourage users to download a malicious application posing as a video codec...Over the last few days, the Threat Seeker Network has seen huge volumes of spam wrapped up in CNN-themed templates - most recently email alerts listing the different popular events and news articles, which - BREAKING NEWS: Michael Phelps wins 10th career gold, making him the winningest Olympian in - BREAKING NEWS: China beats out U. for gold in women's team - BREAKING NEWS: Dark Knight establishes dominance with 400 million - BREAKING NEWS: How to save money on - BREAKING NEWS: Preliminary polls for the - BREAKING NEWS: Mc Donald's found to breach FDA regulations, suspended from - BREAKING NEWS: Jury duties for - BREAKING NEWS: Find out how to get top returns for your money at minimum - BREAKING NEWS: Abortion outlawed in - BREAKING NEWS: Buy gold at lowest prices and make immediate - BREAKING NEWS: Anthrax case - BREAKING NEWS: Arsenal buys Ronaldo from Man - BREAKING NEWS: Too much freedom will destroy - BREAKING NEWS: Copycat murderer beheads woman on Greyhound - BREAKING NEWS: NASDAQ index gains 720 points overnight upon war - BREAKING NEWS: Sony announces replacement to successful PSP gaming - BREAKING NEWS: Americans loves to sue - BREAKING NEWS: Please give your opinions for - BREAKING NEWS: Sandwich recall amid Salmonella outbreak ..."(Screenshot available at the Websense URL above.)- 13, 2008 - "...Apparently people stopped clicking on -fake- CNN links as today the attackers switched the mails to look like they are now coming from MSNBC..."CNN and MSNBC Olympic spoof emails - 5 million spam messages per hour-

To buy themselves some credibility, spammers added what seems to be a disclaimer from , which is a newsletter service by MSN, where users subscribe to offers from a number of categories. has discovered a new replica wave of '- BREAKING NEWS' alerts that are being sent out via spam emails.

A very enticing email was sent to one of our test accounts, letting us know that something had been written about us, and that we'd probably want to read more about it.

An average user would probably want to know what was written about them, especially because it's on a public blog such as blogspot.

Users are clicking on these links manually, either when they receive them in email or read them on their walls.

They click on the link, get redirected to a phishing page, and manually input their credentials.

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