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As long as you follow the guidelines as they’re listed in the article linked above, your single will ALSO get guaranteed placement in ALL your Spotify followers’ Release Radar playlists. I found a Public Domain image of an iceberg that intrigued me, and I decided that image would stand at the core of all my marketing for the song.

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I am worried about making the wrong move after so much bad luck and I am soooo ready to meet someone special and get engaged by the end of the year. Joanie in Springfield, Ma Hi Joanie, Please, you must not come from a desperate place. Remember what you have to offer and don't get fixated on another's opinion of you.We want to bring as many people together in Western Mass as possible, and NOW is a wonderful time to begin.If you would like your dating question to appear on "Ask the Matchmaker" Click Here (Your real name will not be used) I really like "Tim" and haven't heard from him in two weeks now.If you don't see your comment go live right away, it didn't evaporate; it's just waiting for my attention.Thanks for reading, sharing your thoughts, and being a part of the CD Baby community!

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