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It reduces individuals down to their race and fails to see them as an actual person. My own body issues and fatness went a long way to make me question the validity of dating preferences.Knowing that men were judging me because of my body led me to reconsider how attached value to a potential mate for traits beyond anyone's control.And I don’t exactly remember what attributes that list (or any of its successors) included.Something about God’s master plan for me, no doubt. In case you missed it, just thinking about that damn kingfish list got me into plenty of trouble over the years.Some non-binary people may physically transition, some may not, but the only time it might be OK to ask that is if we’re going to be going back to mine, putting on some sexy music, lighting a few candles (because I’m a massive cliché), and going to town. Femme presenting people who enjoy sex are not always instantly submissive. SO blessed to share these amazing shots from TILTED by @poppymarriott__ - a series of gorgeous shots of non-binary people by non-binary people !!!

rowing up in an evangelical home at the height of purity culture in the 90s, there were all of these rules about what I was and wasn’t supposed to look for in a future spouse.And this is something I’ve found as I enter the dating scene.I’m giving my personal experiences of dating men, but non-binary people, just like everyone else, can be attracted to all types of people, or none at all.As a femme presenting person within the non-binary and LGBTQ community, and someone who identifies romantically and sexually as queer, this can mean that a lot of thirsty men appear in my DMs. If we’re friends, or dating, and I feel comfortable throwing on a pair of cheap £1 fishnets, I will.We all know type of guy, who thinks he owns the world and is just FASCINATED by the way you look, and we all know his favourite phrases: “Can you wear some heels for me? But dropping me a message at 1 in the morning and asking me to send you pictures of me “dressed as a girl”, is not going to make me get out of bed and stop watching This isn’t even necessarily synonymous with dating, as I do get this question a lot in my day-to-day life.

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