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This can be problematic, because a good relationship can be therapeutic for somebody with depression.

When we're low we need love, support and closeness more than ever – even if we're not good at showing it.

It's not just the illness that affects a person's sex-life – antidepressant medicines such as Prozac can affect sexual function.

One of the most common side-effects is interference with the process of orgasm so that it's delayed or doesn't occur at all.

It can be easy to misinterpret the low moods as hostility, or as evidence that the depressed person has lost interest in the relationship.

Have some time alone, or get out to a film or to see friends.We don't know enough about the chemical changes that occur in the brain during depression and little research has been done on how these changes affect sex.From a clinical point of view, however, it's clear that a depressive illness tends to affect all the bodily systems, dislocating them and often slowing them down.If this happens – and you are keen to have and enjoy sex – ask your doctor about changing medication. If you are suffering from depression, on your better days, try to make an effort to show love and appreciation to your partner.The following tips might also help:πŸ”Ή Exercise: Try to go for a walk every day, preferably with your partner.

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