Dating gemini tips eva marcille she dating

Spoiled plans won’t ruin their day; they’ll just think of something better to do.

Make sure to enlist your Gemini friend's help planning parties since they'll often come up with the best ideas. They’re the life of the party — talkative, but not annoyingly chatty. They’re never just having a boring conversation about the weather; they’re usually partaking in deep conversations about life.

Geminis make great wingmen or wingwomen because they easily strike up conversations with strangers. The reason Geminis always have interesting things to say is that they’re highly intelligent. You’ll often find Geminis with a book in their hands.

(Definitely ask your Gemini friends for book recommendations.) They’re also clever and love to partake in witty banter.

The flipside of Geminis' intelligence and curiosity is that they can be nosy. It can be exciting when they encourage you to share your deepest secrets or when they're giving you the lowdown on everyone else, but be careful before telling your dirty little secrets to a Gemini—you never know who they might tell them to.

Gemini men and women share the Gemini traits above but exhibit them in different ways.

Geminis try to avoid responsibility and boring activities at all cost.

Don’t count on them to help you pack or help you move, but count them in for a fun night out.

They’re typically passionate yet easy-going beings who are always down for an adventure or intellectual conversation.

If you’re a Gemini, be careful when wielding a credit card!

Their impulsiveness can also make it hard for them to accomplish their goals.

This trait can lead them to make reckless decisions and can cause them to do superficial things.

Geminis can be tempted to buy an expensive leather jacket for fun when they’re struggling to pay their rent.

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