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Also, use common sense, such as use of the shallow end for swimmers who are not confident in the water.

Include things such as swimming through hoops, pushing a ball through the water, swimming underwater, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool, etc.

Have the teams face each other a good distance apart. ” the teams try to hit members of the opposing team with water balloons. When all the water balloons are gone, the team with the most players remaining wins.

Always be careful and sensible when playing in or near water.

The games mentioned here should only be played in swimming pools and by those who are able to swim without help.

Follow these rules when you play swimming pool games: Remember to keep the race course safe.

Throw the bottle into to water and when the players hear the splash they turn around and try to find it.

Not all water games require that you get in a body of water.

Water balloon games also cool off participants and provide a great deal of fun.

Suggested songs are “Happy Birthday” (at a birthday party), or nursery rhymes. Provide two towels and a supply of water balloons for each team.

The goal is for two players to use a towel to toss water balloons and the other two players on the team try to catch the tossed balloons.

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