Dating for dinners

Your date opens the car door for you and then tells you he’s taking you to “Fancy Towne”, the nicest joint on this side of the city for your first date. Great, now for the rest of the night he’s going to think of you as Salad Girl, because that’s the only thing on the menu you’re going to be able to order. All of these things are awkward with a near stranger.You smile, and clandestinely type the restaurant’s name into your phone, hoping to sneak a peek at the restaurant’s dinner menu before getting there. This right here, is reason number one you should not go to an upscale restaurant on a first date. A first date should be fun and let the real you shine through, not your Holly Golightly impersonation.Japanese: There is something incredibly refined about Japanese food and this cuisine should definitely find itself at the top of any list of adventurous dinner ideas for two.

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Dinner ideas for two don't get much better than this.

Slices of Jamón Ibérico and chorizo served alongside Spanish tortilla and croquetas showcase an impressive level of skill in the kitchen and is the perfect food when it comes to sharing.

Open a bottle of Rioja and let the food transport you to the hot streets of Spain.

If this had happened on a third or fourth date, you’d easily roll your eyes and make a joke about her prissy ways.

However, on a first date, it can be a little embarrassing. You shouldn’t have to put on your Sunday best the first time you’re getting together with someone. You have to be reserved and speak quietly in these restaurants, so a loud laugh is out of the question. Where’s the fun in a date if you can’t have a good, flowing conversation with a guy you like? Go with a brunch date instead, or a dinner at a low-key restaurant for a first date.

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