Dating epiphone bass guitar serial number made in korea

wiki How's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high quality standards. Maybe you picked up an old guitar at a yard sale for a few bucks, or maybe you've noticed a few dusty axes in your grandparents' attic.

These old instruments could be trash or treasure – you just don't know.

if it starts with s its korean samick cheers My gracious, that is very nice. Those have only been made since 94 in Korea, Indonesia, and China. More of a rock guy thanks guys Epiphone started the production of this guitar in 1993. If you share the serial I can tell you when and where it was made.

I'm pretty new to Jazz and have been playing on a Eastman 503, which I really enjoy. On ebay I see a number of guitars exactly like the OP guitar w/same toggle position, all offered as 80s Japanese Emperors. The style of the script on the logo and the shape of the headstock don't look like any of the Japanese made Epiphones I've seen. As far as value,there are a lot of people that think MIK models better than MIC.

Great acoustically and i swapped out the stock pickup. It looks a lot like the basic shape of the Joe Pass model. Others think that Epi quality now is at least the same if not better,compared to those MIK guitars.

D'Angelico's Excel and Deluxe lines are made in Korea. The S in your serial number refers to SPG, not Samick.

Man, it's difficult to keep up with the mass-production schemes of nowadays, isn't it? I was into Samick guitars with the Greg Bennett line of guitars. Occasionally something comes along to peak my interest and I buy it. I get separation anxiety just thinking of selling :-) My EX DC begins R05 and the label says "Made in Incheon" FWIW. This is an interesting page on Samick serial numbers: Serial Number | Samick Wikia | FANDOM powered by Wikia Elseswhere on that site it says that the Samick guitar factory in Incheon was bought by former Samick employees who formed a company called SPG. S customs and border protection site: "The United States (U. 1304) requires that, unless excepted, every article of foreign origin (or its container) imported into the U. shall be marked with its country of origin."It may have had a "Made in Korea" sticker at some point, which suffices. Also, the language says "or its container", which would have been the shipping box. One site lists their CEO as Keyser Söze John Odd that my Excel EX-SS (US serial number prefix) does not have the country it was made in marked on the git. S.), marking statute, Section 304, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U. May these help you guys, especially with the US Serial Number guitars..

Well, as Samick has more than one factory in both Korea and Indonesia, it's more than plausible that they've either changed their serialization codes or, due to optimization of their production workflows in the last few years (several big strikes of their workforce in their factories come to mind), they changed establishments for the production of their different products due to different contractings. Regardless I am cutting back and sticking with what I have. Googling around a bit, it looks like Unsung may have had factories in both countries, but they don't have a website, and references to them seem to pop up only on B2B sites and guitar forums. S customs and border protection site: "The United States (U. 1304) requires that, unless excepted, every article of foreign origin (or its container) imported into the U. shall be marked with its country of origin."I actually emailed D'angelico Guitars several months ago and I didn't realised they replied me in August before i checked it 5 minutes ago!

To find out the age and value of a guitar can take a lot of research, and may require you to bring in an expert. These factors include how it plays and if it still has it's original finish and/or stings.

Start by cleaning the guitar and bringing it back to playable condition, if possible. You could sell it for much more if you know its exact year and if it has any special feature or is a limited edition.

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