Dating chanel no 5 bottles

5 — I’ve avoided buying it on Our Favorite Auction Site, as it’s the most likely of all perfumes to be fake.I found a print ad from 1969 showing the same label as my bottle, but without anything on the back — although that doesn’t mean much; it might have been airbrushed out for aesthetic reasons. It was probably from the 80’s, as best as I could guess, and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there were approximately a million of them just like it out there. I referred him to a Chanel perfume bottle dating site.It could be that the midnotes are just degraded, though; eventually, it sweetens a little and becomes recognizable.I’ve read that there have been around 60 books written about Coco Chanel, at least two films, and more books coming out.

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The old EDC screams aldehydes, almost like My Sin or Lanvin’s Rumeur.

I’ve been reading the new book “Coco Chanel An Intimate Life” by Lisa Chaney — review next week — so have become more interested in Chanel No. (This is probably an admission of heresy for a perfume blogger, I know.) Having the requisite ¼ ounce bottle of the parfum and a little bit left in a 1 oz. I don’t really know, though, because I’ve only been able to date it as being sometime between 1951 and the 90’s.

coffret bottle of the Eau de Toilette I bought years ago, I didn’t think I needed to explore the subject further. I read that the “New York Distributor” phrase on the back was used between the late 40’s through the 50’s.

I’ve been doing research on it all morning, have found that it is real, and could actually be significantly old, since the Eau de Cologne formula was discontinued some time in the 90’s.

It smelled very different from either of my early 90’s versions, and I wondered if I'd been burned.

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