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In the same year "Mamai's tatars" defeated the army of Nizhny Novgorodl with an auxiliary detachment left by Dmitry at the Battle on Pyana River.

But the Moscow troops simply did not let the new "Grand Prince" enter to Vladimir, despite the presence of the Tatar ambassador.The campaigns of the Lithuanian army also ended in failure and so the jarliq returned to Dmitry.According to the results of the truce with Lithuania in 1372, the Grand Duchy of Vladimir was now recognized as the hereditary possession of the Moscow Princes.Grand Duchy of Moscow and Vladimir Principality of Beloozero Principality of Yaroslavl Principality of Rostov Principality of Starodub Principality of Mologa Principality of Kashin Princes from Vyazma and Dorogobuzh Part of Upper Oka Principalities Princes of Lithuania in exile: Polotsk and Bryansk) was fought between the armies of the Golden Horde under the command of Mamai, and various Russian principalities under the united command of Prince Dmitry of Moscow.The battle took place on 8 September 1380, at the Kulikovo Field near the Don River (now Tula Oblast, Russia) and was won by Dmitry, who became known as Donskoy, 'of the Don' after the battle.

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