Dating affects children

Do you go ahead and pursue the relationship or do you steer clear?

Considering the reasons for separation should be a clear guideline.

It is also the cold reality that sometimes you have to allow kids to make mistakes, and then support them as they try to bounce back from them.

Easier said than done, I know, but ideally I don't think parents should, unless they fear their children are entering into abusive or otherwise dangerous relationships, interfere too much.

I think it depends on what type of relationship the parent and child has.

If the parent has a respectable, endearing, trusting, and close relationship with their child, then their opinions and input should be taken to heart.

Finding out if a divorce is in the works is another issue.

However, before you decide to do that, certain things you should be aware of.

Never the less the decision, although influenced by the parents, should still remain with the child.

Most children of dating age seek approval from their parents as far as choosing a mate goes.

If the parents don't agree with the child's choice of a partner this could cause discord in the family. If we wish to influence our children's choices, the time to do that is when they are young.

By the time they are ready to make these choices, the time for influence is long past.

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