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In that vein, we spoke with every expert we could think of, from a neuroscientist to a meditation guru, to get actionable advice every heartbroken person needs to hear.By now, I'm sure you know how the dating scene goes—and if your track record is anything like mine, it's the equivalent of being stuck in a never-ending Tay Swift breakup song.People should be congratulating you for getting out of an unhealthy relationship, and you should feel sort of relieved, really. The horrible gut-wrenching process of getting over the first person you ever really dated and/or had a horrible on-and-off relationship with will make you #wiser. You will realize what you want and don't want for your next relationship. And with age comes wisdom, so it's probably safe to say that most good mom advice packs a serious punch.Another great part about seeking dating advice from moms is that they've got tough love on lock.

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And while talking with your friends and getting their input can certainly help too, let's face it — moms have been around a lot longer.

So if you are currently riding that heartbreak struggle bus right now, it can be hard to see things beyond the tears and pain. Here's some truth to head into the new year with to get you back on to your single recovery.

#New Year New You Fuck Breakups -ish and it's bad karma. I am of the personal opinion that anyone who can stay friends with their ex is either the Dalai Lama or didn't really love them that much as a significant other to begin with. This is the most important lesson, because it'll help you move on and find a partner who is right for you.

There’s literally no better time to rebrand yourself than after a breakup.

Sure, it sucks, and you definitely have to take the time to mourn the relationship—you *are* losing someone who was consistently in your life. Baths are half wallowing and half cleansing/pampering, and thus are perfect for breakups.

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