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She could tell that how I feel is genuine and that I care a lot about him and would never do anything for my advantage. I find him a really sweet guy and I hope that I can find a way to be able to tell him my feelings.

Before I finished my course he changed changed jobs to teach at another college. When I first started to like him I used covers to make it non obvious how I felt in that I made it appear that I was maybe involved with another student.

A reason why it isn’t a good idea for a student and teacher to date whilst the student is under that teacher because the teacher can have some control/influence on that student’s grades and their could be an unfair advantage/disadvantage for the student and even their peers.

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So even if there’s no rule against it and student and teacher can be close in age it’s not a good idea.

Once the student has finished or and teacher has moved on, a lot of places have no control as to what one another does in their private lives.

Everyone is human and there are times when a student and teacher click.

I also used to be very friendly and talkative with other teaching staff.

So it just looked like I was a really caring and friendly person overall and looked out for most of the staff.

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