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The schools of Architecture and Planning, Dental Medicine, Public Health and Health Professions, and Nursing are located here.

UB’s North Campus, where most of the university’s core academic programs are offered, is located in suburban Amherst.

They understand that too much or too little of any essential ingredient can spoil an otherwise perfect creation. Someone who spends their time perfecting the alchemy of turning humble ingredients into golden delicacies may be more open than most to the mystery of romantic magic. Bakers understand that dough is just dough until it is fire-tested in the oven—and they can “stand the heat” of a growing relationship without feeling the need to “get out of the kitchen.” 6. Bakers know that a delicious pastry contains some ingredients that are unappetizing on their own. Bakers love it when their food receives appreciation and praise—and will reward you with even more delicious treats. An experienced baker knows that sometimes their recipes fall flat—and they aren’t afraid to start over. Bakers are patient, never abandoning a new loaf until it has been in the oven the proper amount of time. Bakers have excellent taste—they know what they like and stick with it.

Dating a baker, you’ll never have to read the labels for hidden and unwelcome ingredients. They know how to judge the importance of individual parts by what they produce together in the end. At the end of a work day, bakers smell like toasted honey, wheat, yeast—aromas of wellness and security. Wellness and security are intensely attractive qualities in a potential mate. Bakers are skilled at turning the commonplace and the mundane—flour, butter, eggs, milk, sugar, salt, water—into works of visual and culinary art. Hard work and persistence are essential in the kitchen …

Function is fine, but beauty is also vital to a baker’s success.

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Its 128 buildings include state-of-the-art academic and research spaces, student residence halls and apartments, the Student Union, athletic venues and administrative offices.

It sets the standard for dentistry education in the United States and Canada.

“Being able to see the impact of dentistry on my patients’ lives has been my favorite part of my time here at the WVU School of Dentistry.

UB’s South Campus on Main Street is a Western New York landmark dating back to the 1920s.

Situated in a residential neighborhood in North Buffalo, the 153-acre parcel is home to classic ivy-covered buildings, as well as residence halls and cutting-edge research and teaching facilities.

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