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You will notice that 1998-2003 Reissues used more grounding wires to ensure maximum ground between all circuit componants.

Due to loose machining toleraces and rather archaic coil winding machine(s) typical of the original vintage Danelectro times; Danelectro lipstick pickups static impedence from mid-1955 to 1969 varied from about 3.9K to 5.0K ohms, usually closer to 4.5K, with less than 4.0K and more than 4.7K quite rare to find.

If the braided ground sleeve is soldered to the lipstick tube or mounting bracket, then it does not need to be desoldered, and the lead wires will pull out of the sleeve by loosening the sleeve in the same manner of loosening it's "chinese handcuff" grip on the lead wires.() Pull on each of the bridge pickup's lipstick tubes, sliding them apart from and off of the internal black-tape (vintage) or heat shrink (reissues) wrapped coil & magnet bundles.

Either or both of the lipstick tubes might only come off slowly due to a vacuum as they are pulled apart.

(8) If there is wax potting on the coil / magnet bundle or inside the lipstick tube, then reassembly will have to be done in and out of the hot air of a hair dryer that's secured to blow DOWN onto the work without holding the hairdryer, moving the work in and out of the air to keep the wax on the work very soft.(9) Reassemble the pickup in reverse order of disassembly; by feeding it's leads back through their hole in the lipstick tube, ....

Also keep in mind that wires can be reversed between a pot's center solder lug and a specific side lug being used; So someone in the past could have rewired a guitar with that in mind for easier access to certain solder lugs, better views of part values, etc.From seeing many Dano pickups fitting that impedence range pattern, I am GUESSING that extra wraps, beyond the target winds shown on their archaic wind counter, were wound upon the pickups to leave plenty of surplus wire from which to draw the coil lead ends from and solder to the lead wires, to make up for any boo-boos in breaking or having to restrip / re-solder the coil lead ends.I have seen both the inner and outer coil ends "scatter wound" on the outside of the coil at different lengths, that also supports my GUESS.If you find one pickup with North on top while the other pickup has South on top, then there is no need to do pickup surgery, but only need to confirm the wiring is in phase.(2) With a permanant felt tip magic marker, put an amply visible "dot" mark on the pickup lead that is connected to ground, about 1" from the end that was desoldered.This will be used to reverse the wires polarity when reassembling the operation.(3) Desolder bridge pickup leads and braided ground sleeve wire from harness and remove bridge pickup to your work bench.

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