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Levitski also swears by his unusual sounding chicken Caesar salad omelet, featuring grilled romaine, roast chicken crouton omelet, anchovy, tomato, manchego herb salad, Caesar vinaigrette and Worchestershire reduction.

He says, “You’ll dare your friend to get it and then you’ll be jealous.” Brunch service will begin with limited reservations the first four weeks—with only 50 seats open for the soft launch on March 20. And if you happen to be in the industry, Levitski says the restaurant will toss a weekly incentive to industry folks on their day off. After last year’s exhaustive trending of barbecue and food trucks, we’re already starting to see a few fresh ideas clamoring to win the Chicago market.

Boutique Butcher Shops: Considering how meat-centric the Midwest is, it’s surprising it’s taken so long for this trend to emerge.

Former Mado chefs Rob and Allie Levitt recently opened their shop, The Butcher & Larder, while The Publicanowner Paul Kahan plans to open a shop later this summer.

If you find yourself hungry in Nashville, you should definitely stop by.

Opening earlier this year to critical acclaim and a monumental fan reception that included ,000 black market tickets and a site crash caused by 7,000 frantically-clicking users, it’s hard to believe that Next’s Tour of Thailand menu—closing with its last hurrah this past Sunday—was only the restaurant’s concept.

For this episode, we worked with Chef Dale Levitski of Sinema in Nashville, TN to create fine-dining interpretations of three classic Disney films: Head over to Cinema Sins and see more Movie Recipes content: Special thanks to Dale and all of the people at Sinema for inviting us in to their amazing restaurant to try Dale’s food.“But half the food in one place, and half the drinks in a completely other place requires people to move […] So we always think of all these places we can put people that is unexpected.” Smith and Seger provided their own fiesta tips on Bayless’s show.Smith should be well-acquainted with how to throw a good party by now, as he gets ready for to wed to longtime partner Jesus Salguerio next month.This past November, he launched a signature line of liquors called HUM, which have already popped up at dinner parties at Kith and Kin and Mercat a la Planxa, and in the San Francisco and New Orleans nightlife scenes.Seger contributed a mind blowing sour cherry-lavendar-tellicherry peppercorn punch, and was kind enough to share the recipe with us.

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