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I enjoy dabbling in the new and the different, and this especially rings true in my dating life.

Growing up, I have always found black men attractive.

Perhaps it is a collection of all these existences and more.

These articles with their statistics and factual data did little to none to surprise me.

My first crush was a young African boy who lived a few blocks up the street from me.

He was a generous and kind boy with an infectious smile.

Only 10 % of respondents cited a structural explanation, lack of familiarity, or contact, as the reason they excluded blacks as possible dates.

Second, the reasons for black exclusion vary across racial–ethnic–gender groups.

Is it facial features, where the mean testosterone levels in blacks are 19 percent higher than whites, thus producing higher levels of masculine characteristics in both men and women (and the main reason of the women's unattractiveness, as Dr. Or is it the media, where the Caucasian/lighter-skinned woman is favored as the beauty ideal in various media, such as advertising and movies?

Despite this, there exist other excuses like body image, hair, cultural background and education.

Sometimes it is something as simple as, "I've never been approached by a Caucasian/Hispanic/Asian/Indian/Native-American/etc. " black, showed a penalty to black women in their 'Quick Match' scores. Rudder makes the claim that based off the research and insight throughout the past five years shows that racial bias has intensified, and although the data reflects different people year to year, the users are definitely not any more open-minded than what they used to be.

One day, while riding my bike, I lost control and welcomed hard concrete.

My crush saw the entire thing and rushed to my aid.

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