Craigy s dating

Nestled in the Brecon Beacons National Park and surrounded by mountains, Craig Y Nos Castle is one of the most romantic wedding venues in Wales.Craig Y Nos Castle is renowned for its famous Adelina Patti Theatre - an ideal setting for your wedding ceremony.You’ll want to accept his invitation and head out to the gym.

Additionally, you’ll want to ask him about his kids, softball, and business.

” With that out of the way, proceed to head straight for the burger time option.

After that, your choices don’t matter until you get to the Dadbook section.

After that, you’ll want to make your way through the game, then message Craig for your second date.

When you arrive at the park, you’ll want to select the following dialogue options: With those choices locked down, your third date will come to an end with yet another S rank.

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