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Q: I did change IP on my server coz of a business requirement but then my i Folder3, Netstorage, virtual office wont work anymore.

Protect your phone from sunlight and other heat generating environments.

This procedure only fixes SSL certificates, these products should still work (but possibly present warnings) if you change a server's IP address, unless you bound the services to a particular IP address.

It is found that the i Phone gets extremely hot while performing activities that put heavy pressure on CPU, battery or GPU.

Thus, mostly working on intensive applications like Waves, Google Maps, Facebook videos, Safari, or playing 3-D games, etc., for a long time can result in overheating.

A lot of i Phone users are disappointed by the issue of overheating.

Reports from around the world are pouring in with complaints about the overheating of various i Phone models to an extent of warning message, ‘i Phone needs to cool down before you can use it’ and even explosion.

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