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We are applying for jobs and grad schools while trying to figure out where we will be living after we graduate. With all these thoughts of change and new beginnings looming over our heads, how does one go about dating and having relationships in their senior year with minimal stress?

So many times in social media and pop culture, we see college seniors going out and perpetuating the typical hook-up culture.

We feel like we are not alone in these thoughts so we wanted to start the conversation among our fellow seniors.

Senior year is a time of preparing for the inevitable transition we are about to endure, while still trying to maintain the stable college life we have become so accustomed to.

Thankfully, plenty of dating websites have taken the needs of single seniors into consideration and created easy-to-use matching tools.

We’ve reviewed the following six senior-friendly dating sites that are free to join and fun to use.

To be honest, it is a constant struggle within ourselves.

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What about the people who feel stuck in between wanting to have someone but also wanting to be independent?

What this perception lacks, other than emotional satisfaction, is a true understanding of how college senior dating culture operates. Having a person you know will be there for you and whom you can talk to about anything helps ground many individuals.

Unfortunately, dating during the senior year of college can be one of the most inconsistent, confusing social behaviors.

The in-depth profiles and personality-based match features allows singles to find genuinely compatible dates who have similar values and experiences.

The site is easy to join and easy to enjoy, so you can connect to someone in your area in just a few clicks.

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