Christian polygamy dating sites

“I bet that a man can be nicer to his wife when he has a girlfriend/wife than when he hasn’t. Thus they became nicer to their wives.”Most Westerners may find it difficult to fathom why any woman would volunteer herself to become a man’s second, third or fourth wife. K., said she wanted to become a second wife because she was independent. White said, a tribal sheikh might take multiple wives to handle his responsibilities as a host to hundreds of kinsmen and visitors.“The more family members you have to pitch in and help, the better,” she said.And yet, as we perused Second, there was no denying that plenty of women in countries around the world—including the U. Another 30-year-old Brit said she was interested in becoming friends with her co-wife, and in having their kids play together. White of Boston University why a woman might be interested in marrying a man who already had a wife—or a few. “In situations like that, women might welcome the additional assistance.”She said that in urban settings, “in some cases one wife takes care of the household and children, leaving another free to get an education or work as a professional.”Sometimes poor women elect to become a second or third wife because they’d never afford the dowry to become wife number one.“The idea is that women and the children from these unions are all protected, well taken care of and in the legitimate line of descent and inheritance,” Ms. Though that’s the ideal, things sometimes turn out differently.This was written to the church at Ephesus and is applicable to each New Testament church, each of which is His body and He is their head or husband.Further evidence is found in Old Testament scriptures where we see that many men, blessed of God, had multiple marriages without a single word of condemnation from God.

There have been many variations of the practice found throughout geographic locations and historic times.

This is demonstrated by the example of Christ and His headship, spousal relationship with His churches.

This is evidenced by Ephesians , where we read “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it”.

There are detractors that will admit this is true, but claim that they all had problems in their marriages.

I will admit that is quite probable, but monogamous marriages have problems as well.

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