C form validating event not firing

Mostly when you are developing in your local system, the events do work well. thanks again, regards Manas Thank you so much for this information. NET application to our production server and, oh no, the buttons stopped firing. Hi, I have a web custom control which has some textboxes and i have used "Required Field Validator"s to check their validation, I have a Submit button which when is clicked, the Text Boxes texts store in a data base table.

But once you move the code to production, the button click events may not fire at all. NET Framework Service Pack 1, which will stop the Post Back Events on client side validation. When I applied the aspnet_regiis -c command, the buttons worked again. to this point every thing is ok but when i run a project which contains this control, the first time I fill the textboxes and click the button it doesn't work but the second time it works!! I checked if I have no alidation controling and i works ok then but if I enable the validations the problem is there agin. Hi again I found my answer, but I post it here if some one else has the same problem.

its very urgent please give me any This had me for several hours before I realized it was related to the google search. I had this same issue and found that there was more than one element in the master page. Some problem as the latest posts above also using a solution that was migrated from .

Hi, You may be unable to see the button click events firing on certain machines though it may work in some other machines. That should re-install the 1_1_4322 directory and client scripts. thanks Hi, We have tried the above solution, but still our problem is not resolved. One of our application is working properly on same server in IE, but we are facing problem perticularly for this application. thanks in advance HI, I am having the problem very frequently on the production server. Actually it worked fine in 3 days back,but suddenly stoppped. Hai...i'm facing the same problem i.e, button click events are not firing. The idea revolves around a product ID column of an order detail line in a datagridview.I'd like the user to have the option of typing in the product ID or clicking a "Button" in the next column which would display another Gridview (like a Pop-Up) and allow the customer to select the product ID.

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