Burned out on dating

Lower your expectations of the future and just be in the moment getting to know someone.

Even if things don’t work out it’s important for you to practice and have a good time.

Genuinely try to get to know the person you are on a date with and try to find something you like about that person.

By allowing ourselves to appreciate other people and be kind we start to exude happiness and can elevate our mental state to appreciate others even if we are feeling burned out.

Dating can give you a great excuse to treat yourself to something nice.

It can be fun getting a new hairstyle, manicure, outfit, shoes, or scent.

Make it a very special occasion and you’ll be excited to get all dressed up for it. Continue to remind yourself on a regular basis that a great relationship is much nicer than dealing with the constant stress and/or humiliation of bad dates.

You can afford to take your time and not race through a string of dates.

Maybe you just became totally suffocated and disappointed by your last relationship you may be burned out.

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Love exhaustion or being “burned out” by love is a real thing and unfortunately it happens.

This person hasn’t hurt you and shouldn’t be held responsible for your past relationships.

This person wants to genuinely get to know you and deserves a chance.

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