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The elderly are both more apt to bruise from minor injuries and slower to heal, since the removal of decaying blood components is hampered by restricted circulation.This is especially true with bruises on the lower extremities.Often when child abuse is going on, bruising is the first sign.If authorities can identify this possibility early, further abuse may be prevented.

He is is board certified in emergency medicine and has a Master of Science degree in forensic medicine from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Riviello, MD, MS, FACEP, is professor of emergency medicine at Drexel Emergency Medicine in Philadelphia.By the time the contusion is noticeable, however, it has already started to heal, according to the Wyoming Valley Health Care System.A bruise occurs when impact causes blood vessels to break and blood leaks into the soft tissue under the skin.It’s important to note that studies in the latter category found greater success at determining the age of bruises, which further emphasizes the unreliability of visual assessment alone. Alternative Light Source (Polilight) Illumination With Digital Image Analysis Does Not Assist In Determining The Age Of Bruises. Scafide KR, Sheridan DJ, Campbell J, Deleon VB, Hayat MJ.

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