Bae doona and jim sturgess dating

Their relationship had begun even before Jim gained fame.

One of his relationships that seemed to have generated much interest from his fans was the one with South Korean actress Bae Doona.

But finally, at the 2014 Cannes Film festival, Bae walked the carpet with Jim and referred to him as her boyfriend, confirming the status of their relationship.

It was Bae’s agency Saet Byul Entertainment that broke the bad news to the media in a simple statement that read; “Bae Doo Na and significant other Jim Sturgess recently broke up.” The rep added; “Please understand that we can’t reveal more of her personal life.”While no further details on why they broke up were revealed, Jim’s interview with Telegraph in November 2016 hinted that it could have been due to busy schedules which oftentimes required that they trot from one continent to the other.

For most of the time they dated, Jim kept the relationship out of the limelight, thus it isn’t clear why they broke up.

Whether or not Jim is in a relationship with mystery girl remains best known to Jim until the day he spills it to the public.

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