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But let’s rewind a bit: Picking up where last week’s episode left off, the finale dropped us into the middle of Zoey telling Luca that she accepted a job offer from Joey Bada$$, which went over pretty well. Despite initially playing it cool, Luca eventually got so angry — referring to Zoey’s defense as “some double-talking snake s–t” — that he nearly left her apartment without his pants. This time, there’s no question about it, Zoey and Luca are broken up.

He was excited to see her, even holding her hand as they cruised the room, leading her to believe that all was well. When Luca casually told Zoey that she was only hired because of her looks, she let him have it. She told him that he only supports her on his terms — that he’s always good for a pep talk, but whenever she starts succeeding, he tries to tear her down.

After Tell me about what we see in this episode of with this kissing scene.

It sounds like it’s not necessarily romantic in how it plays out.

They have reportedly now been together for around four months.

The thing with Rachel, in general, her sexuality and the way that she deals with her "super senses" is very, very personal.

It was unbelievable so no matter how tired you are or how overwhelming it is you really just have to kick it into gear and be present and have fun with the fans.

AE: Do you ever wish you were wearing some kind of sexy superhero outfit as Rachel? I think that when it’s time for me to play a superhero I will wear that costume with so much pride but the fun thing about being Rachel and being a part of Alphas is that we’re grounded in reality…to be honest, Rachel is the most opposite thing to me than you could ever imagine.

One of the regular characters, Rachel Pirzad (played by Azita Ghanizada), has super senses, in that her five senses are heightened.

And as one sense intensifies, sometimes alarmingly and uncontrollably, the other four diminish.

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