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And to her surprise, she found herself getting through rounds of applications, questionnaires and interviews, before eventually landing the job.

Start to finish, the process took 12 months, and was as much a test of stamina as it was about mental ability.“At first it involved filling out pages and pages of personal information about my upbringing, background and possible foreign connections.

It felt very top secret – manila envelopes would arrive in the post with no return address, and people would phone me without leaving a full name", Emily tells us.

“I was then flown to Washington DC to complete a lie detector test, before taking a mental assessment questionnaire and having my answers torn apart by a CIA psychologist.

with a background in improvised comedy and a totally unrelated university degree - is the one doing the spying.

But no, Emily hasn’t killed anyone, and no, she hasn’t used sex as a tool to get information out of people.“I feel bad because people often want the misconceptions to be true.”), but her employers spotted something promising in her.“The agency (the A in Central Intelligence Agency) usually looks for a very specific type of person, and while I was an anomaly in the sense I didn’t fit the mould of what they would usually hire on paper, they obviously saw something in me.Trading laughs for lies, she immersed herself in the underground world as an Operations Officer, and for multiple years, kept her true career a secret from everyone she knew.It was less After her spy-obsessed mum found a CIA opening online, Emily applied for the job on the promise of living at home rent-free.

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