Are robert pattinson and kristen stewart dating 2016

stars tried to keep their relationship private, everyone knew about the couple.From press junkets to concerts “Robsten” was the talk of the town.He also played the guitar on the 2013 Death Grips song “Birds.” Pattinson’s 2008 film “How to Be” also features three of the actor’s original songs.He’ll also be contributing music to his upcoming film “Damsel,” which is slated for released later in 2017.Robert Pattinson was born in London on May 13, 1986 as the third child and only son of Richard and Clare Pattinson.

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The two got engaged in April 2015, but went their separate ways in 2017.When it was revealed that Stewart had an affair with her director, Rupert Sanders, that was it for the pair and they broke up in mid-2012.Stewart and Pattinson reunited at the beginning of 2013 but couldn’t get past the cheating drama and split up shortly after.The star is not keen on the media but the media is definitely still interested in who she’s dating.Her relationships have certainly been pretty high-profile over the years.

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