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As Brad, a former doctor for whom a personal tragedy has taken a tremendous toll, he’s in nearly every scene, the camera frequently trained on him in extreme close-up while he chats online with Yenny, a young Jamaican man who commands the character’s attention, his lust, and, ultimately, his pocketbook.

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It’s fitting, then, that his newest achievement is getting an area premiere at Reel Affirmations Xtra this Friday, March 24, at the HRC Equality Center on Rhode Island Avenue NW.We lived near Chicago, and I auditioned for a couple things and got cast in the road company of RAPP: Yeah. Then I was working with agents, and kept auditioning and getting work.In the original Harold Prince direction there were four kids in two or three scenes. I think it’s a lot easier to break in as a kid if you have any talent because there’s just not as many of you. I always felt totally at home, totally comfortable, and was fortunate to get a lot of support and great feedback. It’s a very different landscape now, too, because of reality TV and talent shows on TV. It wasn’t a coming-out — I was like, ‘This is something I’ve wanted to do.’ I stood up for myself in an unusually bold way.” This was in the early ’80s and she also had been seeing actors that I’d worked with professionally who were sick from AIDS, and had died.Those are universal themes that transcend space, and time, and circumstance.They both have beautiful scores — music that stands the test of time, and gets in people’s hearts and minds and souls in a way that lesser music doesn’t.

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